The 24th Annual Conference “Environmental Economics, Policy and International Relations”

24-25 November 2022

This Conference provides a conducive environment for a comprehensive exchange of ideas and discussion on new theoretical and empirical research papers in environmental economics and policy. Themes includes energy issues, climate change, sustainable tourism, circular economy, bio-economy, water management, and international environmental relations. We welcome both papers based on novel quantitative/econometric techniques and papers applying qualitative research methods. Papers explicitly outlining policy implications are encouraged. Doctoral students and post-doctoral researchers are invited to submit papers. These key-issues are of particular interest of the conference:

  • Energy and climate change economic modeling,
  • Energy policies and politics,
  • Instruments of environmental policy,
  • Sustainable tourism,
  • International environmental relations, including environmental aspects of international trade,
  • Market and non-market valuation of environmental goods and services.


Format of the conference

At the conference, presentations will be made in standard sessions (15-20 minutes presentation, 10 minutes discussion) and egg-timer sessions (7 minutes presentation, 3 minutes discussion). If an accepted paper cannot be presented in person, the author can present it virtually in Microsoft Teams.

The Scientific Committee will select papers on the basis of 300-500 words abstracts. Authors have to structure their abstract as follows: (1) overview and research goal(s), (2) research methods and data, and (3) preliminary results, policy implications and conclusions.

The conference will publish a book of abstracts and extended abstracts. Peer-reviewed journals World Economy and Policy and Mechanism of Economic Regulation, which sponsors the conference, will welcome the submission of papers.

The conference is free of charge. Participants have to make their own travel and accommodation arrangements.