GAČR 2016-2018

GAČR „Novel Approach to Seeking Cost-effective Water Pollution Abatement: Developing Reverse Combinatorial Auctions Theory“

The main goal of the project is to enrich the theory of Reverse Combinatorial Auctions (RCA) by findings from emerging cases in negotiating coalition projects in the area of wastewater treatment in small river basins to a rigorous framework. This will be done in various dimensions. Firstly, the model should include a wider variety of subjects. Apart from municipalities and a central authority, private firms and farmers should be included. These subjects bring a stronger concern for information asymmetry and thus present a challenge to the effectiveness. Secondly, these settings should be tested in economic experiments to identify potential bottlenecks of the negotiations and to test hypotheses predicted by the model. Thirdly, case studies will be analysed on the real-world application of our approach in order to feed back the theory with the results, their predictability, and their cost-effectiveness.

Project supported by the Czech Science Foundation (GA CR), 2016-2018