INNOVATUR – Planned Activities

The following activities are being planned during the project:

Transnational project meetings (TPMs) during the project will be undertaken either online or with physical mobility during the execution of the project.

The purpose of the transnational project meeting is to gather key persons of each partner university prior to each planned peer learning activity in order to discuss and agree on various relevant aspects of the project, including the intellectual outputs.

Transnational project meetings (TPMs) serve as the collaborative heartbeat of the INNOVATUR initiative, bringing together key representatives from both partner universities to align on project objectives, intellectual outputs, and peer-learning activities. Held either online or in-person, these meetings facilitate in-depth discussions on the project’s direction, ensuring a cohesive approach across both institutions. The kick-off meeting, conducted online in September 2022, set the foundation by reviewing project goals, defining academic staff roles, and establishing clear expectations for contributions. Emphasis was placed on fostering engagement between higher education and external stakeholders. The meetings also agreed on the format and orientation of the project’s deliverables, ensuring they cater to the needs of undergraduate students and the broader academic community. With a blend of online discussions via Microsoft Teams and anticipated in-person meetings in Prague, TPMs ensure that the project remains on track, collaborative, and aligned with its mission to advance sustainable and smart tourism education.”

Four Peer-learning activities (PLAs) will be undertaken among academic staff of Prague University of Economics and Business (PUEB) and of the University of South-Eastern Norway (USN) focused on the creation of educational content, handbbook for proactive engagement of higher education institutions with external stakeholders towards the challenges of sustainable and smart tourism, and on innovative teaching methods oriented to sustainable and smart tourism.

Peer-learning activities form the backbone of the INNOVATUR project, fostering a dynamic exchange of knowledge and best practices between Prague University of Economics and Business (PUEB) and the University of South-Eastern Norway (USN). These collaborative sessions aim to enhance teaching methodologies, enrich educational content, and bridge the gap between academia and the tourism industry. By uniting diverse academic perspectives and leveraging shared resources, these activities will not only elevate the quality of education in sustainable and smart tourism but also will cultivate a community of educators dedicated to addressing real-world challenges and promoting ethical values in the sector.

Two Multiplier events are planned to be organized at the end of the project, one to be hosted by PUEB and another to be hosted by USN. These events are pivotal components of the INNOVATUR project, designed to disseminate its intellectual outputs to a broader audience encompassing academia and the tourism sector. These events will not only showcase the project’s achievements in sustainable and smart tourism but also will foster collaboration by bringing together academic staff from various universities and representatives from civic associations, enterprises, NGOs, and municipalities. The primary aim is to gather diverse feedback, refine the project’s deliverables, and lay the groundwork for future cooperative initiatives. By facilitating knowledge exchange and promoting ethical values in tourism, these events serve as a nexus for innovation, collaboration, and future funding opportunities in the realm of sustainable tourism.”