General Information

The Institute for Sustainable Business, Faculty of International Relations, Prague University of Economics and Business with partners from all Visegrad group countries is preparing an international conference ‘Visegrad Conference on Common Environmental Problems – 2013’.

The conference will take place at the Prague University of Economics and Business on March 4th – 5th, 2013.

The conference will cover two problem areas:

A] Cross-country environmental problems of Visegrad group countries

B] Visegrad group as a coalition in solving environmental problems

The scientific monograph is supposed to be published shortly after the conference.

The call for abstracts will be issued in June 2012.


Project Partners:

A] Prague University of Economics and Business, Czech Republic (

Faculty of International Realtions

Institute for Sustainable Business

Coordinators of the project:

doc. Ing. Petr Šauer, CSc., – sauer[], 420-224 095 298

doc. Ing. Antonín Dvořák, CSc. – advorak[], 420-224 095 217


B] Matej Bel University, Banska Bystrica, Slovak Republic

The Faculty of Economics

Department of Public Economics and Regional Development

Contact person: doc. Ing. Dana Svihlova, PhD. – dana.svihlova[]



C] Széchenyi István University, Gyor, Hungary

Faculty of Engineering Sciences

Department of Environmental Engineering

Contact persons:

Dr. Miklós Bulla CsC.- bulla[]

Dr. Anikó Zseni PhD – zseniani[]



D] AGH University of Science and Technology, Krakow, Poland

Contact person: Jan W. Dobrowolski – dobrowol[]



E] The College of Informatics and Management in Bielsko-Biała, Poland

Contact person: dr inż. Robert Bucki – rbucki[]



F] METCENAS o.p.s., Praha, Czech Republic

Contact person:

RNDr. Jan Prášek –[]