INNOVATUR – Intellectual Outputs

Four intellectual outputs (IOs) are planned to be developed and delivered during the project:

IO1: Sourcebook of Innovative Higher Education Approach towards Smart and Sustainable Tourism (SSmT)
IO2: A textbook on Introduction to Sustainable and Smart Tourism
IO3: A book of case studies in Sustainable and Smart Tourism
IO4: Analysis of collaborative approach between higher education institutions in the Czech Republic and in Norway with other stakeholders in the context of sustainable and smart tourism

In all proposed intellectual outputs, the importance of ethical and responsible values in tourism education with an awareness of the social, cultural and environmental challenges will be explored.

The chart below provides a brief description about each intellectual output and how they are interlinked. More detailed information is provided in the specific sections related to each IO.

Each of these intellectual outputs will be developed by a group of assigned academic staff of Prague University of Economics and Business (PUEB) and of the University of South Eastern Norway (USN). The planned peer-learning activities will address the topics to be covered in the intellectual outputs in a chronological manner as presented in the flow-chart below.

The second chart below presents how the peer-learning activities will serve as supporting activities for the development of the intellectual outputs.