INNOVATUR – Multiplier Events

Multiplier events in the context of projects like INNOVATUR are crucial for several reasons. The purpose of these events in the dissemination of the intellectual outputs of the project can be described as follows:

  • Broad Dissemination: Multiplier events serve as a platform to share the project’s intellectual outputs with a wider audience. By inviting academic staff from both partner universities, as well as other stakeholders, we wish to ensure that the findings and resources of the project reach a broad spectrum of individuals and organizations involved in sustainable and smart tourism.
  • Feedback Collection: These events provide an opportunity to gather feedback from a diverse group of stakeholders. This feedback can be invaluable in refining the project’s outputs, ensuring they are relevant, practical, and aligned with the needs of the industry and academia.
  • Stakeholder Engagement: Engaging with representatives from civic associations, enterprises, NGOs, and municipalities will ensure that the project remains grounded in real-world challenges and opportunities. Their involvement can also lead to more practical and actionable insights.
  • Building Collaborative Networks: Multiplier events can serve as networking opportunities. By bringing together stakeholders from various sectors, we wish to foster collaboration and potential partnerships that can extend beyond the life of the INNOVATUR project.
  • Promotion of Ethical and Responsible Values: As the project emphasizes ethical and responsible values in tourism education, these events can act as platforms to champion these values, influencing a wider audience and potentially leading to their broader adoption in the tourism sector.
  • Future Funding Opportunities: By showcasing the project’s achievements and potential, we can attract interest from potential funders for future initiatives. Discussions during these events can lead to the identification of new challenges and opportunities that can be addressed in subsequent projects, supported by European grants or national funds.
  • Validation of Project Outputs: Presenting the project’s intellectual outputs to a diverse audience can serve as a validation of the work done. Positive feedback and interest from stakeholders can be seen as an endorsement of the project’s relevance and quality.
  • Knowledge Exchange: These events can also serve as a platform for knowledge exchange, where attendees share their own experiences, challenges, and solutions in the field of sustainable and smart tourism, enriching the overall discourse.

In summary, multiplier events in the INNOVATUR project context will not just serve as dissemination tools but will be instrumental in refining the project’s outputs, building collaborative networks, promoting ethical values, and paving the way for future initiatives and funding opportunities.