Transnational Project Meetings

The project steering group (formed by a project manager and a representative of the team involved in the intellectual outputs) opted for holding online meetings through Microsoft Teams on monthly basis or bimonthly. Since these meetings were held ONLINE, the number of participants was sometimes higher, i.e. including other academic staff members assigned to the intellectual outputs.

The kick-off meeting was held ONLINE in September 2022 as planned in the work programme. Besides reviewing and endorsing the previously set project objectives, intellectual outputs, activities and programme indicators, the project steering group members proposed to define the academic staff to be involved in each intellectual output. Afterwards online meetings were undertaken among the project steering group members through Microsoft Teams group while maintaing a regular communication by e-mail.

During the kick-off meeting a better understanding was achieved among the academic staff to be involved in the intellectual outputs regarding the expectations of their contributions to the project and the expected contribution of the intellectual outputs to the improvement and modernization of teaching activities in the higher education sector related to sustainable and smart tourism as well as the linkages between the intellectual outputs. A particular attention has been given to the intellectual output 4 as the main publication to foster the engagement between higher education institutions and external stakeholders such as municipalities, enterprises, civic associations, NGOs and other entities in the tourism industry.

It was agreed that the textbook and the book of case studies will be oriented mainly for teaching activities for undergraduate students.
It was also agreed that intellectual outputs will be generated in PDF format and will also be implemented through Microsoft Teams with content in Power Point and recorded webinars.

Only TPM with physical mobility by staff of USN to Prague is foreseen and it is expected to be undertaken during the second half of the project prior or after relevant events such as PLA to be held in Prague or multiplier event to be held in Prague.